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Bump It Up! Make a ripple... create a wave!


Have you ever wondered if it were possible to raise the consciousness of the world all at once? I believe many of us do this on a daily basis whether it be by simply opening a door for someone; saying a kind word; volunteering for a worthy cause; adopting an animal from a shelter; or by simply giving of our time or money to someone or an organization in need. Taking the time to care we as individuals and collectively make this world a NICER place!

What would happen if we collectively and consciously as a nation and world did something for a friend; a stranger; or a charity without expecting anything in return? What if we all just DID SOMETHING! Imagine if we all DID SOMETHING evry day! This is what WE will attempt with THE BUMP EXPERIMENT!

 We need MILLIONS of BUMPERS! I realize some will see this as a most ambitious experiment and IT IS! But isn't our world worth it?

And so this experiment grows and it grows with you and me each and every day doing our part to make this world a better place. Every time we "BUMP IT UP!" without expecting anything in return we are making this experiment a reality. 

 Please share this website with family, friends, coworkers and everyone in between. Never underestimate the ripple effect one small kindness may have! That's what The Bump Experiment is all about! 

Get ready for the experiment of a lifetime! 

YouTube video The Bump Experiment! Get ready do it again November 20 thru 26 2018!

Share your comments on the BUMPER'S link page or share your stories on the YOUR STORIES link page!

Our Mission

"If you are ever in the position to do something for someone be it of your time or money do it without expecting anything in return!"

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Becoming a "Bumper"

 The only requirement for membership is your pledge to "BUMP IT UP" whenever possible! Question or comment? Just leave your information below.


                            Contact Billy: 404.444.1047