The Origin of the BUMP
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The Origin of the Bump

Somtimes a random act of kindness touches our lives and for that moment we are filled with an exhilaration of thankfulness to that individual or persons responsible for giving us that intangible feeling that people REALLY DO CARE! It's nice to think that we all have a guardian angel out there somewhere who has our best interests at heart. Then when we least expect it and many times we most need it  out of the blue something wonderful happens! I like to call this experience "getting bumped."

This is exactly what happened to me over 30 years ago when I received an anonymous note in my parent's mailbox as a senior in high school. I was given money for my college education and a note.! All my note said was," if you are ever in the position to do something for someone be it of your time or money do it without expecting anything in return!"  "Use this for college."The note was signed, "Your Guardian Angel." I had been "BUMPED!"

This feeling of thankfulness and joy would last not only for a moment, but would carry throughout the rest of my life! " BUMPING IT UP!" is not just a story but my passion and my mission in life. All of this because one person took the time to care without expecting anything in return.

In my late twenties I figured out  the idenity of my guardian angel. He was the postmaster of my hometown of Farmville, North Carolina. I attended an event there one Sunday where he was present. I had not seen him for a while. I took him aside and immediately shared several stories of people I had come in contact with over the years whom I had given a "BUMP." I honored the kindness shown to me with the same note I had received many years ago so they too could experience the same exhilaration I had felt so long ago having been the recipient and now the giver of such unconditional kindness.

This kind postmaster in my small hometown was named Bump. His nickname was short for Bumpass.  Thus  the experiment began for me MANY years ago and continues today. This will hopefully be an adventure of a lifetime as we embark on this journey appropriately called The Bump Experiment! Bump died just this past year in 2007 at 88 blessed years of age. And though he is no longer with us his ONE gesture of kindness has been multiplied too many times to keep track of and I'm sure exponentially more times through others as we all continue to keep "BUMPING IT UP!" The way I see it I think Bump is going to be around for a very long time!

The experiment continues as I hope millions of people around the nation and the world may endeavor to "Bump IT UP!" as we spread the message of our experiment!

After all YOUR one act of kindness may touch and change someone's life forever! Just ask me!