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Sunday, April 29, 2018

I'm Back!!!

The past few months like for ALL of us has been BUSY! Sometimes I feel like i barely have time to get through the work day then come home and try to return emails, mail out magnets etc and BLOG! Obviously Ive NOT done a great job blogging and thats about to change...TODAY! So check in ans see whats going on as much as you can and REEMBER to BUMP IT UP!!!

We just got back from vacation a week ago and interesting insight I heard several times on the cruise.." Why is everyone so nice to each other on cruises and when we return its "business as usual?" Good question...maybe we are more relaxed...maybe we are in a better mmod because of vacation. I dont have the answer. What I do know for a fact is " We have far more things in common that make us alike than we do differences that separate us" So lets ALL do a better job on finding common ground! Happy Sunday!



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