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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Over the holidays I was home and in a retail store when the lady working there commented, "you look very joyful!" I told her I was just arriving for the holidays. she said she was trying to "get in the spirit" but at the current time she was homeless a s her husband kicked her out and moved someone else in after many years. They had two children in the home where they still were and she said safe with their dad. She said she would be ok just living in her car right now. she said she thought she was bad off but just a couple days earlier woman in the grocery store with children did not have enough money to cover her groceries so my new friend covered her and now herself was HOMELESS and BROKE! The next day that I met her she was to see her 10 year old son for his birthday but she had already told him she had helped someone and would not be able to give him a present the next day. I had $60 bucks in my wallet and gave it to her and told her to do something with her son! And I told her YOU never know what the next day brings...she helped someone a couple days earlier and two days later her kindness manifested itself in the form of me! BUMP IT UP!
6:51 pm est 

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