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Sunday, July 26, 2015

In the midst of all that is seemingly going wrong in the world today we MUST always remind ourselves there is FAR MORE good going on than bad...... We just don't always get to hear about it because unfortunately BAD news gets attention. Notice the evening news ALWAYS starts off with the most horrific event of the day whether it be our local or national news. Unfortunately many times we judge the quality of our lives by the misery of others. As I once heard someone say."I'm behind one car payment , but a friend just had their car repossessed so I guess I'm doing ok." Folks remember Its the good things in our lives we need to CELEBRATWE every day. Thankfulness for our family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully both of the previous are included in our loved ones!:) BUMP IT UP! anytime you have a chance by making someone's day! It could be as SIMPLE as just by saying HELLOI!
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