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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Practicing GRATITUDE........
Wow...what a week this has been our car was totaled.... thankfully no one was hurt. The second home had to offers in one day...great feeling!!!! By the end of the week I realized a BIT more money was needed to be added to replace the car:(  After a home inspection I found out there were issues with the house I had NO IDEA of that may cost THOUSANDS!!!! SOOOO much for the week going great ......UNTIL I took a REALLY ddep breath being GRATEFUL NO ONE was injured in the wreck,,,, the house can be fixed tho it will cost a bit. BUT in the BIG picture LIFE is GOOD!!!! Everyone is healthy...family and friends are as well ....so I'm thankful!!!!! in the midst of what was a very trying week. But it didn't stop me from reaching out to two families at the grocery store this am who were struggling a bit w finances and just putting food on the table.I am very thankful going hungry is not a struggle we face on a daily basis like money without means to feed themselves..... So grateful I am. When life gives you lemons...yep make some lemonade with gratitude for the things you are grateful for! BUMP IT UP!
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Take the time THIS week to do something nice for someone. Perhaps a family member; a friend ; or a stranger may be the recipient of your goodwill be it of your time or money.... Just remember no act is too small. It is the gesture that you never know how it may impact someone's day or perhaps someone's life! BUMP IT UP!
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