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Monday, January 13, 2014

8:48 pm est 

Door number ONE or door number 2?
In life we are confronted with making choices EVERYDAY........ Actually it seems like we are making choices every minute! What time do we get up? What Will we wear? What will we eat? And that's just to get our day started .Then as our day begins the REAL choice begin........

Many times we encounter people and situations whether it be at home; work; or play . Decisions are made that affect us as well as others. Many times it seems like do we choose Door #1 or Door #2. Do we choose to get involved to help someone or not???? There is no right or wrong answer as it is always a personal decision> All I know is we CAN make the choice in many cases that may affect someone else's life in small ways and sometimes even HUGE ways. so next time your are approaching a door and someone is behind you.....you have a choice. to wait and hold the door open for them which might just set the tone for their day OR go ahead and move on to your intended task. The decision is yours. I hope you BUMP IT UP:)
8:48 pm est 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BUMP IT UP! 2014
Each year we all seem to make resolutions that for many of us are hard to keep! How bout a resolution to BUMP IT UP! every day of the year. sound like a hard one to keep? It's a piece of cake! Say Hello to a stranger; let someone in front of you while driving; open the door for someone, buy a can good at your local grocer for the local food bank; grab a grocery cart out in the parking lot and return it; the list goes on and on how easy this resolution is to keep!
REMEMBER.... It's NOT about the amount of money you give or th3e time you volunteer... Its about making a choice TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE but we will talk a little more about that next time:

8:08 pm est 

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