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Monday, September 16, 2013

Carey's story.......
I met Carey a cpl years ago in a mall retail area on a very rainy day. It was a Sunday afternoon. She approached me and I knew immediately she was coming to me to ask for money. I asked her what her name was and she said Carey.

I proceeded to ask her story as I do of most folks I encounter instead of just handing them money. EVERYONE has a story. Carey had a life ...a job ...and three kids until she was laid off from her cafeteria job. CAs she told me her story I realized it was the same story no one should have to endure. She lost her job and without very little of a support system Carey not only lost her job...her apartment......and worst of all custody of her three kids. WOW!!!!

Caery lived on the streets. Asking for change or whatever someone would give her. On this day Caery met me ,,,,or perhaps it was the other way around and I met Caery. She had nothing but the clothes on her back and that was it. we walked over to the Family Dollar store which was very close by and were both soaking wet on our arrival. Our first purchase was to get EACH of us an umbrella. We then proceeded to buy several items of clothing and a few odd and ends that would make her life a little more pleasant if only for a moment. I gave her some money afterwards and we walked back to the mall area and I gave her a hug....

The End.........

Not so fast,,,, about a week ago in the same mall area a lady approached and began her story. I stopped her and asked her how her three kids were and if she stayed in touch with them. she said yes....two of them are in college!!!! Carey still has no home ...no job... and only occasionaly a shower. Hard to get a job without  clean clothes and address and that's just the beginning ...... I talked with Carey for about 30 min and gave her some money and gave her hug......

The END........

Again not sooooo fast!!!! Tonight its Mon and I was once again at the same mall area again....seems like im there always as they have all the stores I use on a weekly basis. As I was approaching my car I saw a lady beginning her approach.... I knew it was Carey..... i had my sunglasses on so she didnt recognize me at first...She began her story as I immediately took off the sunglasses. we taqlked aboput how the past week had been and a glimmer of hope she might get a job at McDonalds. She is also hoping to be able to get into a shelter soon to just be able to take a shower....maybe a bed. 

I gave Carey some more money and a BIG HUG and told her to hang in there. However THIS time i asked if she had a way to contact her, She smiled as she had a phone that she received free thru some program here in Atlanta. I took er number so now I can check in on her every once in a while.

At least tonight Caey has money to eat and most importantly of all......something we all need when we feel down and seemingly no hope.....

But tonight CAREY has a glimmer.....of HOPE. May we ALL always be able to say we at least have a glimmer!

PS... this is not the end of the story.....just a glimmer of the beginning I Hope!


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering those who lost their lives.................. in honor of them.
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Mon trying to make a point to BUMP IT UP! to someone when they LEAST expect it! It could be a family member, co-worker, or a someone you pass along the way! Give it a try! Just might make you feel good too:)
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