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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Simple Hello

Tonite I was in my local grocer on a very slow nite. I stood at the deli counter several minutes while three employees chatted to one another oblivious to me. I patiently stood there to no avail then another employee Felita came over to help me out of the blue. A BIG smile and lots of personality!!!! She graciously engaged me in conversation over the next few minutes and we shared. I learned she had three kids and we talked about FOOD! Imagine that in a grocery store! When I checked out to leave I surprised her with a gift card to her OWN store to pick up a few things on her way home. I always tell people we make time to comp[lain about bad service but we seldom take the time to reward good service be it a thank you or telling a manager or surprising the employee with something.

One thing I know for sure whether your giving or receiving from the HEART it SURE makes both partiee feel GREAT!


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