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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just an Observation:)
Ironic in this technologically advanced society that if we take the time to LOOK AROUND us we will see people doing everything but engaging with one another! :( We seem to be so busy on our phones talking ...texting...facebooking to say what we are doing in the moment that MANY times we miss out on opportunities to BUMP IT UP! I took a ladys grocery cart from her as she finished loading her groceries the other day and she was in shock....she said that had NEVER happened to her before.  I notice most times at public events at intermission instead of talking to each other about the event they are attending as soon as intermission is announced...people seem to forget they came with anyone and hit the phone. REMEMBER the days ...and hopefully you do...when we just said HELLO to folks when you passed them on the street. The point of this is that we are many times SO engaged with our electronics with disengage from one another and the human experience of sharing a smile, saying a quick hello...or maybe just opening a door for someone as needed. Who knows ....YOU just mite make a new friend! BUMP IT UP!
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