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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tough Week
Well this past monday I found out my American Bulldog Tanq has cancer and there is nothing they can do. After digesting that and quite a few tears I took a cpl days off to research altetbnative therapies and to make sure he has a drug therapy to keep him out of pain. some mite say "Why all the trouble?" "He is just a dog!" Well for starters.........I think the way we treat animals even as young children is an indicator of how we treat our fellow man. The unique characteristic of animals that i wish we could all achieve is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Our pets show their unconditional love every day regardless of anything. They just love us. I am reminded of their love every day i come home after a long day when they come running with their tails wagging and tongues ready for licking. I hope I will take as good of care of Tanq as he has of me over the past 10 years in these final weeks. I will BUMP IT UP! in every way I can by extra love and extra treats. JUST REMEMBER to think of all those we encounter just like our pets would...... UNCONDITIONALLY! BUMP IT UP! 
10:23 am est 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

BUMP IT UP! in 2012
Welcome to the very beginning of a NEW YEAR and a new begginning to realize there are FAR MORE good things happening each and every day than bad. We just dont hear about it! So lets ALL get out there and do things on a daily basis to help make our homes; our communities; our cities; our nation; and the world a BETTER place for all. REMEMBER......" we are far more alike than deifferent" in the words of Dr Maya Angelou. So lets all do our part to make this year 2012 the best it can be....... just BUMP IT UP!
7:27 pm est 

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