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Saturday, March 19, 2011

It ONLY takes a second!!!!
Funny how quickly people say to me," BUT in these times I don't have any extra money to BUMP IT UP!" I always reply, I didn't realize it cost anything to say hello to someone or to open a door for someone or let someone in front of you while driving or taking your neighbor's trash out or ,,,or...or. Sometimes we FOGET the smallest of kindnesses can MAKE someone's day. If people all over the world would take just a second to to do alittle something IMAGINE the wave of KINDNESS that would be created around the world!!!!! SO remember to BUMP IT UP! It costs YOU NOTHING!!!!

And if you have ANY spare change MANY places are collecting for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in JAPAN. EVERYONES change can turn into MILLIONS of much needed dollars!!!!!
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