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Monday, January 31, 2011

words of wisdom
Maya Angelou has said, "AS HUMANS WE ARE MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT!" Great words to live by! Funny how how often in life we look at the things that make us different more so than looking at the MANY, MANY THINGS that make us all alike. Perhaps if we did that a little more often would would see that when all is said and done we ALL share in the same triumphs and joys in life. If only we could learn to respect and appreciate our differences and CELEBRATE our similarities.....HMMMM. something to think about! BUMP IT UP!
9:51 pm est 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you do?
Some one just asked me, "in the spirit of "bumping it up" what do you do when you think the money you gave was misused?" GREAT QUESTION!!! When i was younger I would give money sometimes to a stranger who asked and then would see them go into the convenience store and buy cigarettes or alcohol . I admit.....I would feel taken when I thought they needed gas money to get back home. I did thoug QUICKLY realize that the most important thing was..... IT REALLY DIDN"T MATTER what they did with the money. My intent was to do a good thing and I was NOT responsible for what they did with the money. My heart told me to help and I do believe the responsiblity is on the other person to use as they see fit...regardless. However, I do believe there will come a time they WILL need the money for an intended purpose and no one will give perhaps because they have felt taken advantage of which is a shame. So my advice..... BUMP IT UP! whenever and however you can. Keep the bump experiment alive!!!!!
8:41 pm est 

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