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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just something I learned......
Quite often I'm asked by people," What do you think when you do something for someone be it of your time or m oey and they waste the opportunity or misuse the money you gave them?" You know when I was younger sometimes this bothered me quite a bit as I would give someone $5 for gas supposedly and next thing I knew they were walking away with a BEER!" I have to admit THAT BOTHERED ME! Then I eventually realized I'm NOT responsible for what someone does with the opportunity or the money. I did a kind thing and that IS what counts. It makes me go back to the original message I received from BUMP many years ago, "If you are ever in the position to do something for someone be it of your time or money, DO IT without expecting anything in return!"

I get that now completlely. We give from our hearts to make a difference and that TRULY is what counts! BUMP IT UP! Nov 2 - Nov 8 the 2nd annual BUMP EXPERIMENT week. SPREAD the word!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Take the time this week to open a door for someone; let a car in front of you; greet someone with a smile or hello, or give an hour of your time to a friend, group , or organixation. you will be amazed how good it makes YOU feel not to mention the joy it will bring to someone on the receiving end of your kindness! Have a great week!
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