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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I was listening to the radio EARLY this am and heard Dr. Maya Angelou discussing the topic of charity. It was a WELL spent thirty minutes of my time and a greatway to start off the day. She was discussing charity in light of all the devastastion that has taken place in recent days in both Haiti and Chili due to the earthquakes leaving thousands homeless and in need of food and medical supplies.
 Many of us have often heard and may have even said ourselves..." i don't need someone else's charity!" When in fact I don't know anyone INCLUDING myself that has not needed charity at somepoint in their lives whether it be a shoulder to lean on; an ear to listen to; or some kind of help beit phsically, emtionally, or spiritually. Life unfortunately throws us curve balls sometimes. some are quite minor and others are truly devastating like the earhtquakes whose damage will take years to heal the wounds.

It is the chairty within us that helps the healing begin. Dr Angelou described charity this way. Think of charity as you have more of something than you need and want to share it with someone who is in need. that could be a kind word; a ride to work; an hour of your time to help someone short on time; a warm meal; or a helping hand financially when times are tough.

In this day and age and during these tough economic times NONE of us are immune to hardships. Were it not for CHARITY  where would  we be. Charity reminds us on many levels that regardless of what happens in our lives ther ARE people who will step up and help us get our feet back on the ground.

I truly believe there are far more people who BUMP IT UP! with their charitable acts than those who choose to ignore the hardships of others.... and THAT is what THE BUMP EXPERIMENT is all about!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something to ponder!
" As humans... we are more ALIKE than different!"   Thank you from the wolrd's foremost poet. MA
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Boy February FLEW BY and the FLU had me a good part of the last two weeks of it and I have been playing catch up ever since. Start checking in on a regular basis as I've got LOTS to share in the next couple of weeks.

One experience that has been a bump to me over the past few days is the gift of freindship. My high school class 0f 1977 recently lost a classmate. lots of Alumni showed up for Terry's funeral. It was definitely a time of sadness but also of celebration of his life. Since that time the class of 77 has been collecting names and emails of former classmates so that we can all we connect. I have talked with several over the past few days and am constantly reminded of how special our frienships were and still are. Hope to see many of them in June ata class reunion. Bump It Up1 and call an old friend!!!!

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