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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I was listening to xm radio talking about all the bad things happening in the world today and how we as a human race are full of conflict towards one another. The statement was then followed by a quote from Maya Angelou. She said" As humans ...we are more ALIKE than different."  BUMP IT UP!
3:43 pm est 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bernadette's story....
I met Bernadette last Sunday while I was in the Kroger grocery store here in atlanta. I was at the Starbuck's kiosk in the store soon to make a new friend. While I don't drink coffee I spend more at starbucks than most folks i know. I buy $5 gift cars from them and give them out for GREAT customer service. it always shocks people when i give them a gift card and say THANKS for your great service! But back to Bernadette.... As I was waiting to get about 10 gift cards Bernadette approached the counter for what I learned was a ritual for her to walk from a nearby apt complex to this Starbucks to get a free sample of coffee. Seems she did this EVERYDAY and everyone knew her at the counter. she asked why I bought so many gift cards and i told her my story and about the bumpexperiment. She said I should write about it!...hm..... Weel Bernadette is a senior on a fixed income who is writing her sstory which is what it has been like being bi-polar thru out her life and ALL the obstacles she has had to overcome. she said she thought it was important  for people to know what its like for people like her on a daily basis. I agree! On this day Bernadette would not get a sample. I SURPRISED her with her very own LARGE coofee that went by a fancy name that Bernadette knew but had never tried! She thought she had won a million dollars!!! If only buying someone a cup of coffee could make everyone's day!!!! Tryi it folks! It's worth a try! Today I made a new friend and ONE MORE person who believes in the bump experiment. i think that's a GOOD day! BUMP IT UP! Nov. 2-8 2010.
7:25 pm est 

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