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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lets say thanks to our troops!
Lets say thanks is a GREAT web site in support of our troops. The mission of this site is to provide a way for individuals across the country to recognize US troops stationed overseas. By submitting a message thru this site you have the opportunity to send a FREE personalized postcard greeting  for our service men and women! Lets' BUMP THEM UP! Check out our link to their site under BUMP LINKS!
8:01 pm est 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A very happy thanksgiving to EVERYONE as WE ALL hopefully in the midst of all that goes on in our busy lives to take time to pause and be THANKFUL for all the blessings that surround us from family to friends to people who make our lives better in all kinds of ways! And please continue to BUMP IT UP! throughout the holiday season and each and every day because it IS because of YOU that the bump experiment continues to thrive and grow! Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place!!! Boy am I thankful for you!
9:07 pm est 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Daryn Kagan.com

In a time when we ALL we feel we hear is all the bad things that are going on in the world it is refreshing to know THERE is a site where ALL there is is GOOD NEWS!!!! Check it out @ Darynkagan.com. you can even subscribe to her site for FREE and find out GREAT things happening all over the United States and the world. You can even submit your own story! Join her online social community as well! CHECK IT OUT! Go to www.Darynkagan.com

9:52 pm est 

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper here in Atlanta has come up with a GREAT idea to help BUMP IT UP! Hopefully cities ALL around the nation and world ARE doing this or WILL BE in the future. This site helps to share needs in your community and organizations that help FILL THESE NEEDS!!! And YES YOU CAN VOLUNTEER!!! Check it out @ AJC.com Do Good or go to BUMP LINKS and it will take you right there in addition to lots of other really COOL sites that BUMP IT UP!
6:29 pm est 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Everyone has a story!
I was in Macy's last nite here in atlanta and OF COUSRE starting sharing about the bumpexperiment with two of the sales associates. I shared with them the mission of our experiment and then MY favorite part..... where individuals share THEIR stories! The bump experiment has a common thread that seems to be universal for everyone. At some point in our lives we ALL seem to have at least ONE story where we have done something nice for someone else or been the recipient of someone's kindness. The neat thing is that IN THAT MOMENT we feel a little bit better about everything. IMAGINE if people did little things all day long for each other. SOON we would ALL experience a tidal wave of kindness that would be felt all over the world. John Lenon wrote a now famous song as many will remember titled IMAGINE! For now we will continue to IMAGINE until that day our imagination is our reality!

Thanks for your stories!!!!

7:29 pm est 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I was forwardedan email to this site by a bumper! What a great site to pay tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day for our freedom. And to the men and women have given their lives and or served and now our veterans there is a site to pay tribute to them. Regardless of our views or opinions about war this site reminds us of the bravery of these individuals on a daily basis. Check this site out and tell a friend! Thankasoldier.net. BUMP IT UP!
7:51 am est 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching up!!!!!
Hi GUYS!!!! Last week was INCREDIBLE and I'm still getting emails from ALL over including EAST AFRICA!!!! Im plodding away trying to catch up onemails and within the next two weeks will start laying the groundwork for THE BUMP EXPERIMENT 2010! So keep spreading the word as we grow and as always BUMP IT UP!
8:36 pm est 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And so the experiment continues........!!!!!
About 16 months ago with the encouragement of a few fellow BUMPERS The Bump Experiment began! Would it be possible to get millions of people ALL over the world to BUMP IT UP! for an entire week? The truth is people have been BUMPING IT UP! since the beginning of time! The past week has seen an incredible amount of emails from all over the country and quite a few from around the world of people shharing how they are doing their part to make their towns and cities; their nation and even the world a better place. I call The Bump Experiment thecollective vehicle for all that is good in the world for there are FAR more good things happening in this world than bed. Over the past 16 months this has only been enforced by all the emails  I get from you telling me all the incredible things you are doing!!!

Thank you for your support and shared vision that each of us  can make a difference and collectively we create a WAVE of Kindness that enriches the lives of others!

PLEASE continue to spread the message of The Bump Experiment and get ready as  we reach out to spread our mission as we plan to make this an ANNUAL Experiment and are already getting ready for The Bump Experiment 2010. Help us grow by sharing our message and as always......


THANKS again for everything and here's to the year ahead!

3:00 pm est 

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Bump Experiment mission statement:
" If you are evr in the position to do something for someone be it of your time or money do it without expecting anything in return!" BUMP IT UP!
10:21 am est 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spread the word and the message about the experiment! Folks are truly taking our mission to heart as I read the emails! Thanks everyone!

My BUMP IT UP! experience for the week that AMAZED ME!!! Here goes.....
I went to the grocery store on tues nite and two women with two dogs plaed cars on a table by the store. Nothing too unusual EXCEPT it WAS 40 degrees outside and they had sleeping bags with thtem. i came out from the grocery store with my dogfood and as I passed they asked ploitely, "Can you spare a couple bucks?" Life to me many times is about choices. Neither choice in many cases is neither right nor wrong. It is simply many times a choice of ,"Do I get involved or look the other way?" Seems  I always choose to get involved not always being able to help, but always able to listen!" So I asked the two girls to tell me their stories. Both were homeless and met each other on the homeless beat. These two women were full of life and NOT beaten down by their current situation in life. in talking I learned that they travel all over HOMELESS!!!!! I asked them, "HOW DO YOU DO THAT?" they responded "EASY, nothing to tie us down. No jobs now! no home! They pick up odd jobs when they can and depend on the kindness of people!

Now these two were here in atlanta and leaving the next day for Fla. The really interesting part of the story to me was that EVEN with what most of us would consideri a meager and depressing existence these two girls were still optimistic about their lives ahead of them! The really AMAZING part of this story was in their travels on two separate occasions they came across homeless dogs and took them in. Now here you have two girls trying to take care of themselves and now they are BUMP ING IT UP! by providing a "HOME" for two HOMELESS dogs. They said they always made sure the dogs ate first before they did!!!

I told them about the bump experiment and this week. Gave them a couple of BUMP IT UP! wristbands and magnets and THANKED them for taking  in the dogs they obviously LOVED! Even in the most desperate of circumstances to some they were helping others! In this case two dogs! These two girls represent what the bump experiment is all about! HELPING UNCONDTIONALLY!!!! I made sure they had enough money for the next several days to see them thru to Fla. and realized in that moment the adage... Count your blessings! Meeting these two was truly a blessing! Safe travels ladies and THANK YOU for being BUMPERS! PS since I just bought dog food I made sure the dogs got some of it!

And Thank all of you too for being a part of this experiment and journey!

9:17 pm est 


The week is flying by and ALL kind if great things are happening! A BIG shout out to POLLY in Farmville NC who is BUMP IT UP! each and every7 day this week to celebrate! Also a BIG THANK YOU to a BUMPER who placed an add with the bump it up! magnet in the Greenville Daily Reflector! Got to run to work! Have a great day!

7:35 am est 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BUMP IT UP! and that's exactly what you guys have been doing this week! Thanks for continuing to share your experiences this week! Remember no gesture is too small especially if your hands are FULL and you need a door opened for you. Stay tuned for a great story next time of my experimence with two homeless women who rescued two dogs that now travel around with them!!
6:34 am est 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Today is ONE of those days you will look back on in life and say, "IT WAS A REALLY GREAT DAY!" And it was a great day because All of YOU who have supported the bump experiment have helped make our world a better place by believing the message of the bump experiment and taking it to heart! A BIG thankyou you to CBS channel 46 for their story today and to the GREENVILLE DAILY REFLECTOR for front page covereage! Many other media outlets too have given us a shout out and WE thankyou! For we believe THERE ARE far more good things going on in this worlfdthan bad and we NEED to share this message thru our word and DEED! So that is what the bumpexperiment is ALL about! helping each other expecting nothing in return! SIMPLE MESSAGE! HUGE REWARDS for our communities, cities, our nation , and the world!

All this would not have been possible had it not been for an incredible grassroots group which is EACH OF YOU who have passed this site and it's message onto EVERYONE you could!  Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for anyone who knows me will tell you I AM MOST PASSIONATE about this experiment and it's message. Together we can make a difference everyday!

Stay in touch this week and the weeks ahead as we grow and continue to spread our message!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Billy Von Schriltz
And as always BUMP IT UP!
11:42 pm est 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good AM EVERYONE!Ttoday is the DAY we begin to celebrate the mission of the bump experiment! If you are ever in the position to do something for someone be it of your time or money do it without expecting anything in return! Thanks for ALL your support as WE ALL BUMP IT UP! this week and each and every day! Off to get started for the day! Check in later!
5:36 am est 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1 day to go!
It's almost here!The Bump Experimentofficially starts its celebration of people helping people tomorrow! Thanks to everyone who has helped make this week possible. PLZ spread the word!
Yalk to you tomorrow!!! Bump It UP!
7:29 pm est 

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