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Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a COOL DAYtoday! Talked to lots of people about the bump experiment! visited a dog rescue where boy if you ever want a dog or kitten ther are ZILLIONS of pets needing homes. Just look up your local animal shelter or one of many pet rescues that are out there!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

A BIG THANK YOU to Tracye and her camera man from channel 46 here in atlanta for shooting a story on the bump experiment to air the Nov 2our first day! You BUMPERS are amazing in the emails i keep getting about how you plan to BUMP IT UP! during the week! PLZ spread the word you guys and GET READY!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 more and days!
IT's almost here! Nov 2 -8 and the bump experiment begins it's celebration! A big day tomorrow as CBS affiliate channel 46 does a story on the bump experiment for next week!THANK YOU! Stay tuned for details!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 days to go! BUMP IT UP!
A BIG THANK YOU to all the media outlets who are giving us publicity over the next week to help spread the message of the bump experiment!!!!

As always all you BUMPERS rock!! Thanks for all your efforts to promote this experiment! Without YOU we would not have come this far!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nov 2 is just around the corner so everyone thanks for ALL the emails about your support and plans to BUMP IT UP!  Get ready!!!!!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 more days to go!
A BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who keeps emailing me and telling me they are spreading the word about the bump experiment. it is because of you guys that the bump experiment continues to grow and its message is magnified to people all over the world!

Keep the message going!

A BIG thenk you to everyone I talked to today about the bump experiment and for sharing your stories! PLZ put your magnets on your cars and proclaim, " I'm a BUMPER!"

Thanks again and BUMP IT UP!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

November 2 -8 is fast appraoching so PLEASE spread the word about the FIRST ANNUAL BUMP EXPERIMENT! Over a million people have logged on and said they are doing their part to make this world a better place! It doesn't matter WHAT you do! Just do something and it will surprise those around you whether you open a door for someone; give up a parking space; give a dollar; or give an hour of your time!

I took a beta fish to an elderly friend of mine who was recovering from a broken hip. She was in a nursing home getting better so she could come home again! With LOTS of time to sit alone in a room how easy to give her some company! She was DELIGHTED by the fish!!! Man if it were only that easy to solve ALL of lifes' problems! Nice to say my friend and fish came home TODAY!

I must have been asked 15 times today about the bump experiment while driving around Atlanta. EACH time i was told a story about how the individual had helped someone or they had been the recipient of someone's kind gesture. AMAZING how the people would still LIGHT UP telling their stories!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bumping It UP! in the Caribbean!
What an INCREDIBLE week this past week while cruising the caribbean! My cabin door was COVERED in BUMP IT UP! magnets which seemed to disappear throughout the week in addition to handing out a couple of 100 to passengers and people on the islands. I am ALWAYS  interested in listening to people tell their stories of how someone helped them out at some point in their lives or they were able to help a friend or stranger in need.

You know I call The Bump Experiment the collective vehicle for all that is good on the world. We sometimes forget their are millions of people ALL over the world doing their part on a daily basis to make their communities, their cities, and the world in general a better place for all. I truly believe if we all would just take a moment to open a door for someone or let them in front of you beit in a grocery line or driving a car we would notice alot more smiles than frowns on peoples' faces. So as November 2 fast approaches continue to do your part to BUMP IT UP!

Who knows what can happen when we create a ripple!!!
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Monday, October 5, 2009


November 2-8, 2009 is FAST approaching so EVERYONE PLZ spread the word about the bump experiment!

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