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Saturday, August 15, 2009

How do I get involved?

Today while filling up my gas tank a lady asked me,"What is the bumpexperiment?"I proceeded to tell her its' origin and what it is. She immediatelyshared her story of how she trys to help people whenever possible which is our point. There are millions of people all over the world who are making a difference every dayin the lives of others. We just don't hear about it, but believe me IT DOES!

We like to think of The Bump Experiment as the collective vehicle for ALL that is good in the world! Whether you rescue an animal, volunteer for an organization, help a neighbor or help a stranger, open a door for someone, pick up a piece of litter, let someone in front of you when driving, do the 3day breast walk, or simply say hello and smile to someone YOU area BUMPER!

And that is what The Bump Experiment is all about. Taking the time to say We Care is the essence of The Bump Experiment. So how do you get involved? Just BUMP IT UP! and spread the word. We need MILLIONS on board so jump on! Nov 2-8 is just around the corner. Tell everyone you know!!!!

THANKS to all who make this experiment a reality EVERY day!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Florida Treasure Coast trip
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone this past week for all your supportand enthusiasm for The Bump Experiment. I drove all over the treasure coast with my car covered in BUMP IT UP! magnets. I always love when people share their stories where they have helped someone or have been helped by someone. Please post your stories on the YOUR STORIES page on The Bu p Experiment home page.

I am always amazed at ALL the incredible things people are doing all over the world on a daily basis to make this a better world. If we only heard about all this great acts that take place perhaps we would be a little more optimistic about the state of our world. Daryn Kagan.com is a GREAT website to find out about happy news all over the world and especially here at home. Give it a look and pass the site onto a friend.

Stay in touch as we have a BUSY few months ahead!!!!


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Treasure Coast/ Hutchinson Island FLA
You guys down here are THE BEST!! Thank you to the folks aat Wchovia Bank for taking the time to learn about the bump experiment! To the ladies at the Bay Harbour Gift Shop THX for the bump!! I have shared TBE with several hundred folks so far and have given out TONS of magnets!!! Her's to meeting more of you here on the treasure coast!
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