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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The countdown begins....
We are approaching the 100 days countdown until The Bump Experiment begins!!! Hopefully we all have been practicing alot of BUMPING IT UP! The biggest thing I have learned over the past 18 months in laying the groundwork for this experiment is that the groundwork has been laid for AGES!!!

Throughout mankind in even the toughest of times we have always collectively and individually tried to help our fellow man. Even in tough times like these it is amazing to see how we continue to help each other. So when you feel like there's alot going wrong in our world today let me assure you there are millions of people working on a daily basis doing incredibly selfless things for others.

Just a little information I have been encouraged to share so finally I WILL. I have been a little quiet over the past three months though I have continued to plug away spreading our message. Unfortunately I received a little bruise on my 50 year old check up as I am officially a SENIOR now complete with my AARP card. Seems a little of my blood doesn't want to hang with the rest of the crowd and goes awol. It is taking my body a little time to adjust to fewer troops and I am very slowly getting back to my "old" self. So if you happen to see any platelets on the side of the road THEY could be mine. The great news is I officailly don't have any BIG thing bad yet and I am truly learning one day at a time as I check in with my platelet doc every 30 days to make sure we are actively recruiting new platelets.

The bottom line is I do not have leukemia today and should that be the case in 30 days I hope I will face that journey as people do each and every day. So THANK YOU very much for the emails I have received from you. I thought I was keeping this pretty quiet!!!! Your positive thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!!! Now that THAT is out of the way....

Watch out because I'm feeling much better these days and ready for the days ahead leading up to The Bump Experiment Nov 2 -8, 2009! PLEASE start telling everyone you know about it!! Word of mouth is key over the next three months. This is our chance to send the message there is FAR MORE GOOD taking place in this world than bad. And we have the BUMPERS to prove it!

I head to Florida August 4 -11 and will be driving the bump mobile all around. Hopefully we will have LOTS of orange magnets on cars spreading the message. Do you have yours?

I will be quite active blogging here on out so stay in touch to find out what's going on! Thanks again for all your support!!!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Buckeyes BUMP IT UP!
The Bump Experiment hit the road over the 4th of July weekend! Lots of people learned more about this experiment and are now proudly displaying their BUMP IT UP! magnets. Thanks to everyone who came up to find out more and how to get involved! Stay tuned!
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