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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy After Thanksgiving!

I hope all had a great holiday as we stop to say THANKS for all we have to be grateful for! Lots of new memories for all I hope as you celebrated!

The Bump Experiment keeps rolling right along! We continue to spread the message as we are throughout the United states and in 10 to 12 other countries! Of course we knew ALL along that BUMPERS are EVERYWHERE!

THANK YOU to STEVE and VIKKI with B98.5 FM here in ATLANTA and OPERATION HO! HO! HO! They organized a HUGE campaign to get personalized  Christmas card to an entire GA troop based in IRAQ! The Bump Experiment  did their part by sending EVERY soldier in the troop a personalized card and a BUMP IT UP! wristband as they are TRULY BUMPERS in every meaning of the word! May they realize how much we support them everytime they look at the band!

PLZ keep spreading the word to all!

Stay well and keep BUMPING IT UP!


11:20 pm est 

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