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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wish list!
First of all I am THANKFUL for the 24 hours I am given every day!...but if I had a wish list at the top of my list would be a request for MORE TIME for those things I am most passionate about! There are 10 million things I need to do at once as we begin the countdown to The Bump Experiment in November 2009! So Just In Case I don't get extra hours in the days ahead YOU can help by telling EVERYONE you know about The BUMP EXPERIMENT!

In the next few weeks the website will continue to change and grow! It will be very exciting to see our experiment grow as people around the world BUMP IT UP! Plz don't hesitae to call your local radio staion or tv station and ASK THEM to spread the word as well! 

Catch you again later in the week! 
9:11 pm est 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vacation OVER!
But boy was it GREAT!!!!

As soon as I got on the ship I immediately put BUMP IT UP)! magnets all over my cabin door. before you knew it people were wondering what The Bump Experiment was all about and of course I was more than happy to share the mission of our experiment. soon there were magnets on LOTS of doors on cabins everywhere! Thx for all who wore t-shirts and wristbands sharing our message!

While in the islands I met LOTs of peiople and passed out lots of magnets! Thx to channel 12 in the Virgin Islands for letting us share our message!

On the next to the last day I pariticipated in the Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure! Lots of BUMPERS participated!

Now to get my land legs back! Have a great week!
Check out PeopleRipple.com!!!!
9:09 pm est 

8:45 pm est 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bon Voyage!!!
I am on vacation beginning tomorrow Nov 2 - Nov 9!!! Yeah... I need it! Sun and fun on a cruise, but don't worry I am loaded down with T-shirts; magnets; and wristbands so EVERYONE will know about us! you guys keep spreading the word here!!!

Lots of excitement ahead in the next few weeks so get ready!!!

BUMP IT UP! Make a ripple and Create a wave!
11:17 pm edt 

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