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Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Saturday Sari, a local DJ on KICKS Country 101.5, celebrated her 30th birthday by asking friends to bring a gently worn pocketbook or purse to her party to be donated to DRESS FOR SUCCESS. This prganization helps disadvantaged women get back on their feet by providing them with professional attire for work and additional training for the workplace.

At the party Sari received about 250 pocketbooks. When I learned of this BUMPER'S birthday mission I decided all of us other Bumpers could probably help her out and BOY DID YOU GUYS!!
The Bump Experiment presented SARI with an additional 230 pocketbooks and purese! pretty INCREDIBLE gift for about 17 days of collecting! Thank you BEV; JOEY;PAM and FRIENDS; Craig's Dental Office and the PT group next door; MARION; KIM; EMILY and FRIENDS; ALL MY CLIENTS; PAULA; and a BIG THANK YOU to MY MOM and SISTER and THE FARMVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH! My hometown church sent over 140 pocketbooks which is incredible! Thank you to my mom and sister who kept going to the post office and spending their time and money getting them here! The same goes for the rest of you who did the same. Thanks for taking the time to care about others! That's what this experiment is all about! SARI wanted me to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU for making her birthday wish a HUGE SUCCESS!

You guys are the best and one of the many reasons people will take notice of The Bump Experiment and realize how affirming it is to help each other out!


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Bump Foundation, Inc is a reality as a nonprofit organization! We just got the word yesterday! Thank you to The Center For Non Profit Creation for all your help in helping me get through ALL THAT paperwork. Thank you LEILA for for waiting on me to get all the info you needed to get the work done! A BIG THANK YOU to someone who wats to remain unknown for donating the money to cover the expense to make this a reality! Look for details SOON to see how you can participate in The Bump Foundation, Inc as a member as we help support The Bump Experiment!

ALSO details tomorrow about the FINAL count for pocketbooks for Sari's birthday party last Saturday!

Thanks for believing in The Bump Experiment!
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look for news later in the week about this BUMPER's birthday party tonite and her efforts to get as many pocketbooks and purses as she can to donate to DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Wait til you hear the count all you BUMPERS made possible to give her!!! HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY SARI!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What an amazing 24 hours it has been for The Bump Experiment! The You Tube video has grown by over 111,000 views in that short of time! That is an amazing number of views and people to hear and see what The Bump Experiment is all about. 99% of the response has been incredibley positive and supportive. Always with the good there will be the not so good and I will eave the not so good comments so you can see there are people who do not see all the good there is in this  nation and the world for many reasons. Lots of people are hurting out there and have had not so great life experiences along the way. Sorry guys if I seem a little too chipper or passionate at times, but I DO BELIEVE in the potential good in everyone and everything! One comment was..."SEEMS like you believe there can be a perfect world! Get real!" A perfect world maybe not, but I do believe each of us can make our nation and world a much BETTER place to live in.

Life is about choices and thank you to all of you BUMPERS for choosing to make this a better world to live!!!

A BIG thanks also to everyone all over the nation who are sending pocketbooksfor DRESS for SUCCESS and Sari's birthday party. Deadline is June 20th! Keep'em coming!!

You guys are AMAZING and INCREDIBLE people  and I am very thankful to be along side SO MANY people taking the time to take a stand and say, "I CARE."

Keep spreading the word! and BUMP IT UP!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Power of One!
Someone spoke to me today by phone to let me know they had ONE pocketbook to give me for our birthday drive for Sari for DRESS for SUCCESS. She immediately said she was sorry she only had ONE to which I replied,"Don't say I'm sorry for just ONE!" I'm THANKFUL for just ONE! If only all of us had just ONE! Just ONE dollar to give of our money to someone or an organization in need. If only  we all had just ONE minute to take the time to smile to a stranger, to open a door, or  to let someone in front of them while driving! Just one can of food to give to a foodbank or room in our home to take in just One homeless cat or dog would mean One less in need. If we all had just One hour to mentor a child or visit a nursing home or to pick up litter in our communities imagine the impact. If we only had just ONE! NEVER underestimate or be sorry for just ONE! Remember it only takes just ONE to start the ball rolling in a positive direction. Just One experiment to bring the nation and the world to the attention of each other to say, I am only ONE, but I care! The next thing you know that ONE is now millions all because of just ONE! After all...it only takes just ONE! Why don't each of us take the time to be just ONE today!

Each ONE of you have a great week!
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's June already!
Well I'm still going back and forth with the paperwork for the creation of The Bump foundation but we are nearing completion if I can get the last bit done! i hope to accomplish this in the next 24 hours as I am the hold up trying to do 10 million things at once!

I find working 70-80 hours a week a bit challenging at times because it's easily another 40 on The Bump Experiment and this will only get busier I BELIEVE as time goes on. Keep me in your thoughts working all this out!

I am shipping wristbands and magnets ALL over the United States all the time as word spreads! I am wating to launch it here in atlanta until we are an official nonprofit so i can solicit donations that are tax deductible for eberything and postage I am sending out! there are about 5000 magnets out there right now all over the country!!!!

Am talking to schools about getting involved with BUMP IT UP! contacts for students and they in turn get a wristband!

PLEASE LOOK at the MAY 15 blog about "I NEED POCKETBOOKS." SEND me Any you have or drop them off at my mom's on the doorstep at 4404A West Church Street in Farmville, NC if you are close. My mom's number is 252.753.5250. Just let her know your are leaving one OR SEVERAL on the front porch. The blog will fill you in on the cause and our BUMPER! My goal is 100 pocketbooks! I think we can beat that! Take the time to send me one and make a difference in someone's life as women return to the workforceto support themselves and their families. The deadline is JUNE 20th so get them in the mail or run them by my mom's house!! THANK YOU for your SUPPORT!!!

I will be in Farmville, NC this weekend Sat -Sun to pick them up as I visit my family. look for the BUMPMOBILE and all the magnets this weekend the 14-15th! Thanks for your help!!!

BUMP IT UP! Thanks to everyone who has already given me one or several!!!!

Until next time!
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