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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What an incredible weekend it was!
This past weekend I went home to my hometown of Farmville, NC for The Dogwood Festival. It is an  great 3day event and The Bump Experiment was there ALL day on Saturday spreading its message and selling tshirts, magnets, and wristbands! I talked SO MUCH I am still hoarse!  What a great response we had from everyone who stopped by the booth! A BIG thanks to all the volunteers who helped out all during the day! ABIG thanks to June and Byron who were there from beginning to end! And a BIG HELLO and welcome aboard as BUMPERS to Gayle and Eddie Brock from Farmville! Eddie was working the booth next to us and let us put magnets on his tent! He and Gayle thru their genius manged to get the BUMP mobile with 250 plus magnets directly across the street from our booth in full view of everyone. It continually amazes me how we can reconnect to people from our past and in this case our hometowns and instantly renew old friendships and give support and IDEAS to help a great cause and THAT is The Bump Experiment! A GREAT cause! I'm taking Gayle on the road for creative ideas! Fair warning Eddie! Thanks again for Everything!

I'd also like to thank my family for their love and support in this experiment as they do HEAR about it ALL the time and are right there in the trenches be it my mom spreading the word to all and both my brother and sister Mike and Sheri who stepped right in without even asking by building props for me for the festival and helped set it up and break it down. Boy did I win the lottery when it comes to great families!

Thank you to all who made this a great weekend!

Now to concentrate on the Atlanta launch. We are running a bit behind, but We Will GET THERE!!! Over the next two weeks media packets are being sent out to various outlets such as radio, television, and newspapers etc. talking about The Bump Experiment! Let's hope and pray they are as excited about this as We are!

I talked to a service representative in Arizona  with American Express last week. It was a random call. I was asking about my card and I always mention The Bump Experiment to EVERYONE and HE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT IT!!!! He is based in Arizona!!! Was I excited or what!!!!


Tomorrrow I will blog about SARI turning 30! but don't tell ANYONE! Wait til you hear HER STORY and how how she is making her special day about GIVING and NOT receiving! What a BUMPER!!!

Until tomorrow! BUMP IT UP!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take time to BUMP IT UP! for the planet today! Anything you do will be appreciated by many!
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

We're coming to Farmville!
SmileThe Bump Experiment will be at The Farmville dogwood Festival this coming Saturday 26th. look for our booth! We will be there from 8am to 5pm! hope to see you there!Smile
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hi Bumpers!
Check back over the weekend as I will be blogging away! Tons to fill you in on! The Bump experiment is up and running! Hello UTAH and ARIZONA! Thanks for joining our experiment and PLZ keep spreading the word out there. Also Panama is on board with The Bump Experiment! 
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sometimes I forget to tell you everything! Once established THE BUMP FOUNDATION will have several functions. In the initial stages the foundation will help further The Bump Experiment across the nation. I give away at least $100 of magnets and wristbands a week to people who ask me about TBE when they meet me with my truck. Somtimes there will be a gathering of 4-5 people out of curiosity and then I"VE GOT THEM! But like I told my mom I can't tell them about TBE and ask if they would like a magnet for their car to spread the word and follow up with, "By the way that will be $3!" Plus I'm sending lots of magnets all over the US  to garner interest and there's postage on top of that. Throw in wristbands and you see why we need help! The foundation will provide the means for people and corporations to get involved and still receive a tax break!

The foundation and it's mission is still a work in progress, but I have several thoughts in mind as to it's mission. I would like to be able to focus on groups and organizations who are struggling to make it in their day to day operations. This could be anyone from a teacher in need of a grant to help further education in the classroom; a womens' shelter in need of funds to stay open or offer assisstance to women in need; to various youth and senior organiztions for existing programs or activities; to homeless shelters and food banks;and even to animal shelters and rescue groups. where funds are often low or nonexistent .These are just a few of the many opportunities I hope THE BUMP FOUNDATION will be able to impact. Just look around at your own community. The needs are many. Hopefully WE as a foundation will be able to make a difference in the lives of many. As we all know it ONLY takes one person to impact another's life in a positive way to start an avalanche of goodwill.

Speaking of goodwill! A heartfelt THANK YOU to someone who is becoming a dear friend of TBE, as well as, myself for their advice and support on all levels with making THE BUMP FOUNDATION a reality!
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Happy April!
Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out but I've injured my right hand and am slowed down abit with the contraption on my hand! No big deal just an inconvenience now as I try to get things done.

The BIG news is that we are in the beginning stages now of establishing THE BUMP FOUNDATION! As a non profit organization this will allow us to take donations and allow donors to receive a tax benefit. I hope we will be able to excite corporate America about The Bump Experiment as we expand across the United States.

Several schools have taken The Bump Experiment to heart in numerous ways as projects which is pretty incredible and I hope this movemnet amongst the youth continues to grow! We now have wristbands that are blue with BUMP IT UP! in yellow lettering on them. I have shipped these out to several schools now for their interest in TBE.

Quite a few people already have the bands. You can purchase them for $2 thru me at the address on the home page or you can buy them at The Dogwood Festival in Farmville, NC on Saturday of the festival. The festival is the last weekend of April so I hope you have an opportunity to visit TBE booth we will have at the festival on Saturday. I will be there for the festival.

Things will start happening here in Atlanta in the next couple of weeks. I hope the media here is as friendly to us as was the media in eastern, NC.

People keep asking me how they can help! THANK YOU!!! The first thing you can do is tell EVERYONE you know about THE BUMP EXPERIMENT! Second BUY a magnet and put it on your car! It is a GREAT way to get TBE noticed and start a conversation. Believe me it works. If you would like to cover your car in magnets just let me know and I WILL HELP YOU!!! I have 200 magnets on my truck and believe me I talk about TBE everywhere I go and people are excited.

If I come near you for an event plz volunteer to help if possible. We are all in this together and I hope we end up with events all over the nation over the months ahead.

BUMP IT UP! T shirts are hereas well. They will be $12 plus shipping and handling. I still have to price that out! I need a weeks vacation just to work on TBE and get caught up. For now I just go full blast and say my prayers each night we move onward and upward! And actually there is NO catching up it's just trying to meet deadlines so HELP when you can.

This will be an incredibly busy month for TBE so keep it in your thought and prayers. Tell everyone you know about it! Friends and family, coworkers, and even strangers are all just BUMPERS in waiting. And yes it is ok to talk to strangers if you are talking about The Bump Experiment!

That's it for now. I'm pecked out, but am picking up speed now!

Thanks for all your emails and support! BUMP IT UP!

One handed Billy
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Give me one more day!
I need just 10 more hours in the day to get a dent in all that needs to be done! Check tomorrow as I bring EXCITING news to you BUMPERS! Have a great day!
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