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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The next month will be a VERY IMPORTANT one for The Bump Experiment! [TBE] The Atlanta launch is less than a month a way and there are a zillion things that still need to be done. For you math geniuses a zillion means lots more than a million!

What can you do to help you ask! PLZ tell everyone you know about TBE! Your friends, your families, your co-workers, and everyone you come in contact with including strangers! As anyone who knows me will tell you, " Don't get him started!

Thanks again to the eastern NC schools who have adopted TBE.

BUMP IT UP! and remember "It's OK to talk to strangers if you are telling them about The Bump Experiment!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi Bumpers!

Happy Easter as this weekend fast approaches!

I want to start by saying HELLO and MANY MANY THANKS to GECHS  and Mrs. Garris's classes that have truly taken THE BUMP EXPERIMENT to heart! You guys are the BEST! They are doing some incredible things to bring attention to TBE! Thanks for all your efforts and hard work! I hope I have the opportunity to meet you guys. If you ever wonder what our youth are doing to make a positive impact just check these students out who are committed to making their school and community a better place on a daily basis! And yes you guys I will be BUMPING IT UP! to you this coming week.

I'll be writing more this weekend and filling you in as the Atlanta launch approaches!

As always thanks for believing in The Bump Experiment!Smile
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time to go to bed but........
Before I go to bed this am I had to let you know you can NOW google THE BUMP EXPERIMENT! Look for the article recently published in The Greenville Daily Reflector by Kim Grizzard titled PAY IT FORWARD and see our latest article. The word is getting out there! If you're awake now you should be in bed. If you're asleep now catch some zzzzz's for me. Thanks everyone and remember to "BUMP IT UP!
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Friday, March 7, 2008

magnets in Farmville,NC
If you live in or around Farmville visit Linda at Williams Jewelers to get your BUMP IT UP! magnets!
Magnets are $2 each plus take a look around her store. She has lots of neat items in her store!
I know I buy lots of surperises from her to BUMP friends. Try it sometime! Simply buy some little something and when you are visiting someone leave it for them to find when they least expect it! It will make their day! Have a great day! PS Williams Jewelers is right there on Main Street in Farmville.
12:04 pm est 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

NEWS! NEWS! and more NEWS!
This has been THE MOST INCREDIBLE and REWARDING week yet for THE BUMP EXPERIMENT. Since the articles in The Farmville Enterprise and The Daily Reflector the response has been overwhelming. I do not even know how to thank every one of you for taking the time to check out the website and becoming a BUMPER!!!

It is because of your caring and love to make this world a better place for all that The Bump Experiment will happen. Thank you for your postings and sharing your experiences both big and small. We are just beginning so get ready for this journey of a lifetime.

Today I was getting a smoothie and two men were sitting in their car waiting to see who was going to get in the truck COVERED in magnets. They had no idea what they were getting into because as soon as they said those five magic words to me, " What is The Bump Experiment?", I was off and talking! Needless to say two magnets were taken off the truck and two more BUMPERS added to our BUMPER nation.

I did wash my truck this past weekend and had to take off the magnets to do so. I then proceeded to count them and the grand total was 186 magnets so I added 14 more  to round an already waited down truck to an even 200!

Now lets talk news!!! Eastern NC is on fire with support for TBE. We need to get the rest of the state on board. Any contacts you have  just call them or me as I will be making contacts as well.  The Atlanta launch is about three weeks away before we "BUMP IT UP! like crazy here. I just met a new BUMPER Sue in the parking lot of a food store and she bought 50 magnets to give to friends. Nell at PCMH got 20 this week. Get ready to see these magnets followed by lots of BUMPING IT UP! I don't expect everyone to have 200 on their car, but please feel free to put two on there!

A big thank you to several individuals who BUMPED THE BUMP EXPERIMENT this week.You know who you are and you bring tears of joy for your believing so strongly in TBE! I'm still working on nonprofit status and received a big BUMP of an email from JM who has offered his help in helping me find a path to create THE BUMP FOUNDATION! This will allow me to seek corporate and individual donations with the benefit of a tax break. It will allow us to take this experiment to the next level.

T shirts are on the drawing board and will hopefully be ready for The DOogwood Festival in Farmville the end of May! Thanks Nancy for doing the legwork on that. Mine need all the help they can get! Barney and Emily a shout out to you for bringing The Bump Experiment to the classroom. I have been hoping for this and look forward to your incorporating it into your classrooms. And yes folks there will be BUMP IT UP! wristbands in the next two weeks. I did not know we had them until Barney asked me if we did for his students too wear and I said, " I don't, but I will." 24hours later the design and order were placed.

If you are in eastern NC or if you want to fly in for some southern hospitality come join us on Saturday at the festival. More details to come! I'll be there with my BUMPMOBILE!!!!!

We have about 19 months left so get busy as everyone continues to spread the word!!!! This is really going to happen because of each and everyone of you!!! If you get sick I'd personally go to Pitt CountyMemorial Hospital in Greenville, NC because before you know itevryone at the hospital will have become a BUMPER!!!  You guys ROCK!!! Thank you for your support!

There are so many thanks just know each and everyone of you is appreciated! I'll be back to write in a few days. Have a great weekend all!
8:56 pm est 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Give me one more day!!!!
Hey Bumpers!!!!

It's Wednesday and just give me til tomorrow nite and I am BLOGGING away!!!!!! There is so much to tell you about this past week it is incredible, but I have soooo.....much to get done on TBE tune in tomorrow and I will give you an EARFUL. You will not believe all that has happened since last week and we are just getting started. Until tomorrow nite take care! Billy
8:58 pm est 

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