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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Bumpers:
It is not often I share my personal BUMP IT UP! experiences with many people other than my inner circle whom we share our stories to one another, but after an experience tonight I felt compelled to share this one which truly is what The Bump Exoeriment is all about and WHY we NEED this experiment to take place.

We all lead extemely busy lives in this day and age, but once in a while something happens and we step back to take a deep breath. Such was the case tonight for me tonight here in Atlanta.
I like most peolple these days had just finished a typical 12 hour day, but felt good because I got to go the the gym tonight before coming home for 3-4 hours to work on TBE.

I stopped by a local food store who thankfully for a price cooks all my meals!!!! I stopped in to grab some food to bring home and I just happened or rather I was suppose to be in this line where a homeless man had a $12 purchase of hot cooked food and only $2 to pay for it! They had called security to escort him out, Of course without the food!

Before me stood a homelsss man with a disfigured face who probably rarely made eye contact with anyone and was about to go spend a VERY COLD night somewhere on a street in Atlanta waiting for the sun to rise hoping for a warm day.

I told the lady at checkout I would pay for his meal and she replied, " You don't have too." to which I replied , "I want too!" And so I did and the man looked me squarely in the eye and said, " THank-you my brother" and I replied " You are welcome my brother." Folks this man in his thankfulness had me and everyone else in line in need  of a kleenex!!! He took his food and with dignity walked out and tipped his hat to face another night on the Atlanta streets.

I told the checker about the experiment and this man was the exact reason we NEED The Bump Experiment! Everyone one of us is only a moment away from something beyond our control happening to ourselves and/or a family member or friend. We could lose our jobs, our homes, and even our physical appearance  can change at a moments notice. I hope and pray if I am ever unfortunate enough to be in that man's position if at least for a moment I hope people will remember that regardless of my present situation that I am a human being hanging onto my dignity if I have nothing else may I NEVER lose that!

Immediately as people had witnessed the incident and heard about THE BUMP EXPERIMENT they asked for The Bump Experiment card they saw me hand the checker .I went out to my truck and got magnets, Before I could get home two had already been online and signed up as BUMPERS!

You know one might say that man was very lucky tonight for me to have been at this store. I say I feel VERY fortunate to have been there tonight as I am constantly reminded how fragile life and our situations can be.

As I write this in my heated home with a warm bed to sleep in tonight and eating the chicken salad I picked up for dinner I write this with a most humble and thankful heart. Thank you for believing as I do because I truly believe if any of you had been there this evening you would have done the samething!

Thank you for believing  in The BUMP EXPERIMENT! God BLESS us all!
9:26 pm est 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What a week!
I can now say I have been down with the flu for a week and sympathize with those who have said the same! The good news is that was last week!!! The great news is I flew home to Farmville, NC where it all began 31 years ago and THE BUMP EXPERIMENT has been officially launched!!!

30 or so classmates of mine met in Greenville NC for lunch and caught up after many years! I want to say you CAN go home again and it felt great to see all the faces of friends from those most formative years. They are a group of amazing people and now are amongst those who call themselves BUMPERS!!!! A big thanks to a BUMPER already who put this all together and that's YOU KAREN ! Thanks for caring enough to bring us all together again!

 A BIG thank you to Michele Windham of The Farmville Enterprise and Kim Grizzard of The Daily Reflector in Greenville NC for the coverage of THE BUMP EXPERIMENT! We can't wait for the articles as we hope  to have many more people become BUMPERS!

In case you don't know MAGNETS are HERE!!! I'm driving around with over a 100 plus magnets on my truck! I get stares and questions at stop signs and stoplights  only too happy to tell them about TBE!

See info on how you can get a magnet!!! In Farmville, NC you can purchase them for $2 from Williams Jewelers on Main Street. THANK YOU Linda Caroll for donating your time to this cause! Otherwise  send $3 to Billy Von Schriltz; 3764 Poplar Drive; Clarkston, GA 30021 and I will send you one asap!

I'm working on establishing THE BUMP FOUNDATION this week so we can seek non-profit status and will  be able to do some wonderful things for people in need of a good "BUMP IT UP! experience.

THANKYOU very much to TWO very special people who made a big contribution to help cover the magnets I give out! I'm at the point now I've given about 2000 out so look for THE BUMP IT UP! magnets on cars! It'has the website address on it ,as well as, is a great way to quietly say " I'm a BUMPER and I want to make a diiference in this world!

You know we so often hear we worry about the fate of generations ahead! Well let's quit worrying and help make this world the world we WANT it to be! THE BUMP EXPERIMENT is a great way for our voices to be heard and let our actions speak for themselves.

Flying to NC I met a woman whose sonwas going to MEXICO for spring break for a soccer misssion week with the kids. He was trying to raise money for the trip next week. Little did she know she had BUMPERBOY beside her so I gave a donation and said He'll make his goal!! That is what it is all about. Helping our fellowman one person at a time is what THE BUMP EXPERIMENT is all about and look how many young people this young man will positively influence. I think we are in good hands!

I have an incredible story to tell soon from my visit home that touched my heart of a young man in eastern NC who though left us two years ago, but like Bump will be around for a long time! Tell you about him soon. His foundation to help others would welcome a BUMP!

Catch you in a few days!

Watch Atlanta we are going to be in full force in 30 to bring THE BUMP EXPERIMENT to you!!

Thanks again to everyone as always. You guys are the best and OUR EXPERIMENT has just begun!

7:51 pm est 

Saturday, February 9, 2008

This has been a LONG and INCREDIBLE week for THE BUMP EXPERIMENT!! LOTS of new BUMPERS added daily. I try to say HI as you sign up, but that is gladly becoming more difficult as our numbers increase and my time decreases. I'm learning right now to function on about 5-6 hours sleep a night so feel free to send me your exta ZZZZZ's!!!

The BIG news is that the magnets are here!!! They say BUMP IT UP! and then underneath www,The BumpExperiment.com. They look great and really get people talking! I spent two and 1/2 hours today in a shopping center parking lot talking about The Bump Experiment. My truck SEEMS to draw attention now as it has been renamed THE BUMPERMOBILE as it is covered with 100 plus magnets. People talk to me at stop lights and everywhere in between! As many of you who know me I love people and to talk to people especially now with TBE launching! TBE plz note is now the acronym for The Bump Experiment. I might gain 15 min a day more sleep by using this!

The good news is I have given away over 600 magnets this week!!! The bad news is I will be broke if I try to give every one a magnet!!! So... if you would like a magnet for your vehicle please send a check to:

Billy Von Schriltz
3764 Poplar Drive
Clarkston, GA 30021

Price: 1 magnet  $3.00
         2 magnets $6.00
         3 magnets $9.00
         4 magnets  $11.00
This price includes envelope and shipping. Eventually I hope we need someone other than local volunteers to handle the volume. Right now yours truly will assume that role as magnet envelope stuffer!

I've already seen 2-3 magnets driving in Atlanta! I can' t wait til we see THOUSANDS!!!!

Hopefully eastern NC and my hometown of FARMVILLE , NC will be saturated with BUMP IT UP! magnets soon! I will be bringing Tons of them to Farmville FEB 23 and hope several local stores will carry them!

I am currently looking into forming a non-profit called The Bump Foundation which will help with postage as a non-profit. I hope this foundation will also in time be known as a foundation for furthering the cause of creating and promoting  a more positive consciousness in both our nation and the world. I have always said if you're going to make a difference.... why not make a BIG difference. I think the world pretty much covers BIG!!!

That's it for now I will write more later tomorrow as to what's going on with the media etc.

Thanks for all your emails and spreading the word to bring in more BUMPERS!!!
5:43 pm est 

Sunday, February 3, 2008

FEB. is here and it's the first full week of the month and I hope lots of good things happenfor all and THE BUMP EXPERIMENT. I'm counting on magnets either Monday or Tuesday! The BUMPMOBILE WILL BE on the streets and roads of ATLANTA this week!

I'm actually coming to Farmville the 23rd of FEB to meet high school classmates  and to hang a banner in Farmville announcing THE BUMP EXPERIMENT to FARMVILLE! Michelle at the local paper is trying to put togetherpublicity for us as well.

I REALLY APPREciate all the help I'm getting from BUMPERS because believe me this task is way to big for ANY one person. It will take MILLIONS. The Mand M girls seem to be rallying everyone on MY SPACE to the cause. Take a look at the link and see for yourself.

Also PLZ take the time to listen to the theme song for THE BUMP EXPERIMENT! It truly is a beautiful song  and expresses what this experiment is all about.

Two friends BUMPED IT UP and gave me a plaque that reads, "Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities." The quote was by Helen Keller. Makes all problems seem small when we realize ALL she achieved. Everyday people do REMARKABLE things everyday to inspire us. Let's all be REMARKABLE this week!
6:47 pm est 

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