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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IF you live in Farmville, NC and know DOUG HENRY give him a big thankyou. He BUMPED IT UP! by letting us use one of his store front windows to display a banner announcing THE BUMP EXPERIMENT. Look for it in late FEB all you folks back home. SPREAD the word FARMVILLE!
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a week! The CRUD is going around ATLANTA and nailed me this week! I am on the mend now and back at it!! Magnets will be here this coming week and they look really great! I will be giving you details about them as soon as I physically have them.

The BUMP IT UP mobile will be ready this coming week and I will be driving it around ATLANTA 4-5 hundred miles a week around the city. It should definitely get some attention! I hope to take it on the road in the future and visit a few places! A potential superhero BUMPERMAN is being explored at the moment who will be doing good deeds wherever he goes. Of course he expects BUMPERS to be at his side when possible as lots of good things will be taking place along the journey!

Interest and curiosity continue to grow. I cannot emphasize enough SPREAD THE WORD to all you know. This includes family; friends; email contacts etc. I TALK to EVERYONE every opportunity I get so strangers beware!

I'm coming to FARMVILLE, NC in late FEBRUARY to help lay some groundwork. It's fast approaching the time to launch THE BUMP EXPERIMENT and I CAN"T WAIT!

The home page for THE BUMP EXPERIMENT will now link you to YOUTUBE as we hope to spread the message through the internet! The home page will also link you to my MY Space page and THE BUMP EXPERIMENT MY SPACE page. We will be on FACEBOOK soon I hope! I'm learning alot about all this as we go so be patient and let your enthusiasm SHINE! Thanks for all the kind words. prayers. and support!

Please take the time to listen to what I hope will be our theme song during this jouney. It's by Josh Groban and is titled "THANKFUL." The lyrics are BEAUTIFUL and pretty much sums it ALL up for me. You can download it from I TUNES or it can be found on his new CD NOEL!
6:17 pm est 

Monday, January 21, 2008

The magnets have been ordered today and will be ready in 2 weeks. Will tell you more about them next time. I will be driving ariund Atlanta now with two GIANT magnets running along side my truck with " BUMP IT UP!" www.THE BUMP EXPERIMENT.com Hope fukky they will get lots of peolples' attention!

Thanks for all the word of mouth again. We have about 1000 BUMPERS and I hope this reaches MILLIONS soon! WHY NOT! Please continue to tell everyone you know for word of mouth is KEY laying the groundwork.

The fun will REALLY begin when we start reaching people all over the United States and even the world! Don't forget to "BUMP IT UP" to someone when they least expect it!
8:21 pm est 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi Everyone!
We have a new page! It's the BUMPER'S PAGE! Here's your chance to really get involved in spreading the word about The Bump Experiment with your contacts; comments; and suggestions!

I'm beginning to contact some really nice people who I hope can help raise the profile of our cause. If you have someone in mind email me please. DON'T post these suggestions so we don't jinx ourselves. Email me: Billy@thebumpexperiment.com. Have a great week and don't forget to "bump" someone when they least expect it!
9:07 pm est 

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hi fellow BUMPERS!

I'm READY to answer the question everone keeps asking. Truth be known I have been trying to figure out a bit of a time line! REMEMBER THIS DATE or if you are like me write it down and hope you remember where you put it. However, I hope this week will be one NO ONE will forget! NOVEMBER 2- 8, 2009. Seems far away right now, but as we all know time flys by and much work and MANY prayers need to take place leading up to this time.

During this week I hope all our efforts will be exponentially blessed because WE are going to "BUMP IT UP" through out the nation and hopefully as much of the WORLD as we are able.!
I hope we have a few million folks on board. My mimimum goal is 10 million and one BUMPERS!
It would be nice if this were an underestimate.

Throughout the nation and everywhere in between there will be events of goodwill and charity; as well as, alot of "BUMPING it UP" by groups and individuals. This will take lots of BUMPERS everywhere and lots of people from all walks of life  working together. I think this is sometimes called "civilization at work" for the common goodwill of humanity!  I realize some will see this as impossible and so be it! I choose to believe in all the opportunities waiting to become realities one miracle at a time.

THIS IS OUR BUMP EXPERIMENT and everyone involved is vital to make this a SUCCESS! I get so excited about imagining a whole week of people making every effort possible to help someone; perform a kind deed; grant a wish or need; help the homeless; volunteer or give to ashelter etc. We could go on and on as we all know needs habve no boundaries; therfore why should  kindness.

I'm about to contact someone to be our spokesperson in the next few weeks. I have so much work to do before I approach them. Please send out alot of good thoughts, good energy, good prayers that this person is receptive to this endeavor! Actually you guys make that great thoughts, great energy, and great prayers!!!!!

I will be touching base again soon so check the website and blog OFTEN! I get so excited about this journey I wish I could work on it 7/24,but like we say about everything it still wouldn't be enough time to get it all done. But TOGETHER we will MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

STAY in TOUCH! I will be adding a SUGGESTION PAGE LINK in the next few days. Please be waiting in the wings. I NEED YOUR BRAINS and TALENT! I have a short supply of both. Somedays less than others!

Take care!

8:32 pm est 

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First of all THANK YOU to everyone for all your support. Your response has been overwhelming!

The website is definitely taking shape! I am new at building websites so please be patient especially with typos!!!

I have a new link up now so you can share your stories with the world! I am very excited about this link!

I'm working on my book to tell mine and Bump's story as well as the wonderful people I have been blessed to meet over the years. It continues to amaze me the people I meet in this life from all over the world literally all over the world BUMPING each other  all hoping to make this world and the lives of it's people a better place. May seem corny to some but I do believe in the goodness of humanity!

Magnets are still in the design stage for cars. They'll be saying, "BUMP IT UP" wwwthebumpexperience.com

I hope to launch the site officially in late summer, but as one friend put it,"It has already taken off!" Atlanta will be my home opener with the bump experiment. I'm laying the groundwork now. I hear that prayers and good thoughts make GREAT cement!  Thanks in advance. I'll be doing some work in my home town of Farmville as well.

The M and M girls aka Bump's granddaughters have the bump experiment up and running for me on MY SPACE so check it out. THANKS you two!

Take care and God BLESS for now!


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